Event Horizon

by Lunar Outpost

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Limited cassette out 15.1.2016 through Räkälevyt and Subsystem Request Records.


released January 22, 2015

M. Solkio, guitars & vocs - S. Turunen, keyboards - J. Lindström, bass - T. Kristola, drums. V. Eriksson, recording engineer - J. Juup, Mastering engineer.




Lunar Outpost Finland

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Track Name: Four Demons
the first one is my past
try to lose it, but my car won't run that fast
the sencond is right now
stares me in the eye, intense as black crow

four demons, sit quiet on my windowsill
only one is keeping me ill - and it's strong enough to kill

the third one is tommorrow
don't want to face it, it keeps me awake at night

and i know i'm losing this game
the one, it knows my name
and you are the only one to blame
Track Name: No Reason
so they said, all good on all fronts
i'm still worried, can't change it now
so what do i fear? if all is good on all fronts?
stupidity weights more than facts

no reason for it now
i can still see somehow
keep poisoning our minds
so absurd i raise a smile

being lied to, and all is good on all fronts
stupidity weights more than facts
Track Name: To Live Is To Learn
here we go again. day came to its end
last lights cast shadows that are long enough to breath
what did you learn. did it touch your heart
cold iron right beneath your veins

if this is all i'll know
let me sleep under the snow
it all keeps happening so frequently i can't stop

thought came to an end. couldn't catch next one
she had a better word for focus that she had
Track Name: Station
few coins left in his hands
waiting for a bus to the promised land
his blood mixes with the sand
the guards don't know about second chance
he got when he paid them off
on another checkpoint east from here
memories of hands so soft
and beautiful face that used to wake him up

nothing to do here, but wait for the next ride
which never comes on time
the guards will be there everytime you try to leave

all memories will fade
on bonfires cleaning all up
the fires are a scale
for what we here call authority
Track Name: Lady Luck
when the last shred of hope is gone
you feel like you're the only one
our desolated hearts
do not feel each other's warmth

i wished i'd be
more than anomaly
my lady luck has only two cards in her hand
first one is deuce of spades and the other
i don't understand

what's going on
when did they take control
i drew the line
where i think it's fine
Track Name: Hold On
when all is said and done
you may hold to one thing that leads on
and when that one is gone
you may drown yourself in momentary fun

you never should hold on to dreams
that shoot you on your knees
blindfolded begging please

what the last night gave you?
you may cry now as that's all you have
and when those tears are gone
you may drown yourself in momentary fun
Track Name: The One
for the weight that's gone
i've carried it long enough
and the pain's the same
wether i turn the page

you're the only one for me
it took days and years and pains to find it out
you're the only one for me
that's right

i'll never give it up
now that i've seen more sides
Track Name: Lizards
with broken skin on her hands
she knows where attacks land
she hurt herself so many times before
with her blonde sundried hair
she'll take me anywhere
on a shuttle called couch to another galaxy

she battles lizards
on the same level with me
too bad it's just a dream not meant to be

it all may be a dream
like unbroken movie scene
i'll dive once more to that unwanted galaxy
Track Name: Spring
he used to be a star
until it all went dark
used to have money, used to be brave
for her
she used to be an artist
until he went all dark
used to hold a job, used to stand tall
on her mother's grave

she's hoping for spring to make amends
the darkness never ends

there used to be a day
they didn't waste away
used to have friends, used to go out
until it all went dark
Track Name: Gallery
leave the yellow untouched. it turns out better this way
he's afraid of your touch. even though he paid
what's the price for unfinished. canvas with bloodstains
leave your number to cashier. we'll get back to you today

nothing's changing, no matter how hard you try
my gallery's doors are open wide

did she sense the pain. before she went away
we're open on mondays.
Track Name: Dark Side
all the thoughts he thought before
in new clothes ask for more
attention, throw gasoline on his flames
dark memories take his hands
and throw him off to dance
the night away, ephemeral mind game

close your eyes my dear
let's hope for the world to dissappear
and for the time to stop on this my last stand

short flashback from his past
same images that last
forever without changing the guilt
he feels from what he's done
at least tonight's gone
and it'll stay away,ephemeral mind game
Track Name: Just Like Yesterday
there'll be days when you got nothing left to say
stearing at the single point on your wall
in sleep and awake through the day
blending memories with reality

you're getting away and dreaming of the day
where no-one hurt your mind again

go on wishing things would change
every morning's just like yesterday
Track Name: Simple Cut
there are things that never hurt
and things that bring your smile up for a while
those moments leave the darkness aside
she kept appearances up as she could
while the fall was there all the time
a downwards path and a battle against time

and she'll never see
what becomes of me

i wish she had made it up
this simple cut
(i'll never turn you away again)
(i'll live with the pain)

evening sun that never shines
and things that kill all smile for a while
cycle of feelings aside

no i'd never see
my adversary