Life is a Lie

by Lunar Outpost

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Lunar Outpost's third full length album.


released October 4, 2013

Music and arrangements, Lunar Outpost. Words, Miro Solkio. Recording engineering and mixing, Ville Eriksson. Production, Lunar Outpost. Mastering, Jesse Juup. c Lunar Outpost, p Subsystem Request




Lunar Outpost Finland

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Track Name: Anxiety Factor
can you hold on?
what did you see?
all in subconsciousness,
left on the pier to bleed
still remember,
the way it used to be
everything fades. my crime
thirteen years ago, i wasn't quite like me
you can't sleep it off, it follows
your anxieties are being built in factories
did she paint flowers?
did she let the rats go free?
can't live inside a machine, i've tried
Track Name: At Home
and the certainty is over
has been for quite some time
house parties, that we need from time to time
call friends over to unwind
nothing can hurt you, at least not your mind
raise your glass and shout out words to sing along
few friends is better than the world we all want gone
all this will end in good time
a few years more, to leave all bastards behind
Track Name: Battalion
i know it could get worse
sleeping when tired and eating when hungry
this battalion won't break its back for you
this battalion will see your games through
ugly choices on the words
deliberate lying for breaking what was ours
Track Name: Bridges
came back to my senses
on the day she went away
and she knew, she'd hurt everyone she knew
starting over, starting over without you
burnt all bridges
to see how long light lasts
with wounded hands, she's never
she's never coming back
drier days, lots of coffee
still can't let it go
and she knew, she'd hurt everyone she knew
burnt up bridges, starting over without you
Track Name: Ouroboros
the greed and selfishness of man
build more plastic, build it fast
nothing's meant to last
the shame i feel from breathing here
build more plastic, build it fast
fill the oceans, prepare for blast
what's the use?
everything you love burns in next war
possessions we adore
blame, and focus on what's right
build more opinions build them fast
you're never wrong and that will last
Track Name: Oxblood
i couldn't ask for anything more
empty cans empty pitchers
she mixed it like she used to do
paper cups puny speakers
that day won't end 'till the oxblood's running out
sun takes the dive warm night
just humans bare and simple
under oak tree drinking oxblood
Track Name: M.E.L.T.
you opened up just twice
more often than i realized
all the lessons learned still nothing feels real
open minds always get the worst deal
it was all for nothing
your dreams are made of stone
and we keep on running
there's nothing that we own
(in a world that is this cold)
(in a wold without a home)
learned a lot without your disguise
same with all those sleepless nights
all the lessons learned still nothing feels real
open minds always get the worst deal
Track Name: Bad Jukebox
lost in nightmares dark and blind
no use to wake up, the dance has just begun
press play
my head plays
records from yesterday
just a bad jukebox
(minute to hour to day)
cold sweat turns into coins
slow morning turns to dust
can't reach the hours forward forward
press play
Track Name: Diamond Skulls
they've come to take us
did we even catch the first signs
amount of time amount of time
short lived out of time
disappointed, word written on my skull
new scars leave their marks
on diamond skulls
how many more news feeds can you take
short lived short lived
world broke me, she broke me
just scars to show for it
world broke me, she broke me
your effort can do nothing
Track Name: Angry Old Man
anatomy of evolution how one becomes angry and old
weight of the world
relentless bad news stream
i know what i am
angry old man
offered no solutions no grace time for letdowns
Track Name: Tightening Grip
tightening my grip on this bottle
'cause the pain, it never went away
not a man but just mere shadow
sad figure that his gods left astray
and i could do almost anything with you
(and anything and everything)
instead i'll leave misunderstood
i'm heading where no river runs dry
where the seasons turn like tide in the sun
can i hold on to one more thought
before it all turns to dark
the stories don't seem to mean a thing
wonder if i'll ever miss a thing
Track Name: Sparks
sparks fly in the air tonight
the danger and excitement
eyes cross paths on invisible shield
ground shaking, minds breaking
the sparks where two minds meet in the dark
there may be a sun up, but the shield of darkness
hides my sparks
you can't see it, you can't feel it
one battle i face on my own